FAQ’s about Cioci’s custom framing:

Q:  How long does it take to get something framed?
A:  At Cioci’s Picture Mart we regularly have about two weeks worth of orders to fill at any given time.  New orders will take about two weeks to complete.  Some more complex orders may take longer, and we may be able to rush some orders depending on availability of materials and other factors.  Art and frame restoration orders may take from several weeks to several months to complete, depending on the complexity of the project.

Q:  How much does it cost to have something framed?
A:  This is a very common question that has no easy answer.  At Cioci’s Picture Mart, we offer thousands of frame choices and hundreds of mat selections, as well as many options for picture glass, mounting and fitting.  The cost for your picture framing will depend on the frame and other materials you select as well as the dimensions and complexity of your order.  We take great pride in offering a wide variety of framing options for all budgets and tastes.

Q:  Why is custom picture framing so expensive?
A:  Sometimes custom picture framing can be expensive; the cost always depends on the options the customer selects and the dimensions of the artwork being framed.  Keep in mind that this is “custom picture framing.”  Your order will be custom made for you to your specifications, with quality materials that you select, by experienced and highly skilled craftspeople.  At Cioci’s Picture Mart, we work very hard to provide framing options for every budget and every style. We strive for superior quality and customer experience regardless of the cost of your order.

Q:  Do I need an appointment?
A:  No, not at all.  Feel free to drop by anytime during our business hours.

Q:  Do you offer free quotes?
A:  Yes.  We are more than happy to help you style your custom picture framing order and give you a free printed quote.

Q:  Do you sell prints and artwork?
A:  We do have a small selection of prints and artwork in the store.  We will provide assistance for customers who are looking for prints or artwork.

Q:  Do you frame X, Y, or Z?
A:  Yes.  If we can get the finished piece out of the front door, then we can frame it.  Since 1970, Cioci’s Picture Mart has framed all manner of artwork, objects, and memorabilia.  We are a full-service custom picture framing shop, if you can dream it up, we can frame it.

Q:  Do you do Conservation Framing?
A:  Yes we do.  We only sell acid-free mat boards, and offer a variety of conservation mounting options to ensure your artwork is properly framed and preserved for decades to come.

Q:  Do you accept competitors’ coupons?
A:  No.  We work very hard to offer outstanding value to our customers.  We do not issue coupons, nor do we accept coupons from other establishments.  We would encourage you to let us prepare a written quote for you before you consider using a discount framer.

Q:  Will my framing be done at your shop, or will you send it out somewhere?
A:  Your order will only be handled by Cioci’s Picture Mart employees, who will complete each step of your framing project in our shop.  Your artwork will not be sent out to another workshop.

Q:  Can you appraise my artwork?
A:  We are not an appraisal service.  We are happy to offer you an evaluation of your artwork – its condition and approximate age, and help direct you to the appropriate services you may need for appraisal.

Q:  How do you pronounce Cioci’s?
A:  Cioci is an Italian name.  The “C’s” are pronounced with a “ch” sound. Cho Cheese = Cioci’s.