Cioci’s Picture Mart custom framing experts:

Andy Magee
Owner and Operator
Andy is a third-generation picture framer who comes from a rich family tradition of art and picture framing. Andy is the nephew of Cioci’s Picture Mart founders, Ruth Ann and Pat Cioci. He is the grandson of Rachel and John Magee, who began the Magee/Cioci picture framing legacy in the attic of a small furniture store in Northeast Arkansas. In addition to operating Cioci’s Picture Mart, Andy has a second career as a professional artist. He has earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts, and a Master of Fine Arts, and continues to create contemporary artwork that is exhibited in galleries and museums around the country. Andy’s skill as an artist, his impeccable craftsmanship, and his attention to detail are evident in every picture frame made at Cioci’s Picture Mart.

Heath Aldrich
Owner and Operator
St. Louis may seem like the unlikely home for this Oregon grown transplant. To make a long story short, I moved here in 2006 after meeting my wife working for Saint Louis’s own Circus Flora, and no, I was not the bearded lady. Now to make that same story ten times longer, for this was not my first time working with the circus. November 1983, I was born into this world to two very hardworking Oregon natives. My father, who wears many hats, was working for a farm irrigation company in birthplace of Oregon’s wine country, the Willamette Valley. My Mother, who was currently working on her BFA in music, and exploring her artistic side with pottery. Times were tough as everyone’s roles in life shifted as my mother changed goals and went back to school to become a dental hygienist and my father was becoming an unlikely business partner with an 89-year-old man. I was still figuring out how to be a big brother, and still maintain my busy schedule. As the years went by, and my summers belonged to working with my father, I was given a unique opportunity that would take me many years to understand. Growing up in a small business taught me duty, honor, and sacrifice. I, as my father before me, learned to wear the different hats that life throws at you, and to stand up tall when things get difficult. We had a policy to go where the work takes us, which had this specialty machine shop building barns, re-roofing houses, clearing land for development, developing and fabricating tote trailers for the local vineyards, sandblasting and painting industrial equipment and job sites. If you brought it to us, we would do it, and the list could go on for as long as you would bear to
listen to it. It was that same work ethic that brought me to St. Louis, getting me on the tent and ring crew for Circus Flora, and ultimately lead me to my wife. As an adult, having my second coming of age in a new city, I was given the unique chance to drastically change the direction of my life. For the first four years in St. Louis, I worked as a musical instrument salesperson. While the role of a sales person was not the life long career it was made out to be, it taught me lessons that I never would have received anywhere else. The most important lesson that I learned was that I crave human interaction. While working for my father at the machine shop, the daily human interaction was lacking, and the extrovert in me needed that interaction for validation. Working as a sales person taught me that I wanted to do something more creative with my time, something where I was producing a finished product. When Andy approached me with the unique opportunity to purchase Picture Mart, a light turned on in my head, picture framing is the perfect combination of the two. Today, I find myself very emotionally and spiritually satisfied with my work, I love preserving customers’ memories in beautiful frames that will adorn their homes. Out of every hat that I have worn in my life, picture framing is by far my favorite. The Cioci/Magee legacy is something I am honored to be a part of, and am fully committed to carry on.