Why St. Louis customers choose Cioci’s Picture Mart for their custom framing:

“I’ve been trying to come up with the perfect testimonial for this wonderful framing store and words escape me, which is unusual for me. Picture Mart is perfection!!!! The staff, for ALL of the 31 years I have been framing there, are outstanding!!!! They are outstandingly talented, my pictures, floor to ceiling, room after room, are a testament to that. They are outstandingly friendly. Sometimes I just stop in to say hello. They are helpful, creative, interesting…..in fact there really is nothing but wonderful in that place. I would go nowhere else to frame, so please never leave me!!!! Good luck to Andy, Heath and Sarah who are continuing the tradition of excellence that Pat started years ago! There must be something else I can frame……..”     -C.N.

“If my experience at Cioci’s Picture Mart could be wrapped up into one word, that word would be ‘perfect’.  I have been a patron at Picture Mart for 35 years beginning with Pat Cioci and continuing happily with Andy, Elise, Shanna, and now Heath and Sarah.  The atmosphere is so friendly & personable at this frame store that all the staff has become family.  I stop when I am in St. Louis, even if I have no projects to be addressed.  The quality of work at Picture Mart is unsurpassed, from large to small to difficult shadow boxes.  No item is too difficult to find a creative touch of magic!!  Every wall in my home, as well as my husband’s dental practice before retirement, is filled with the expertise I have found at Picture Mart.  As a retired flight attendant, my photography from traveling the world and collecting the unusual and interesting has always received the finishing touches by my selection of professional framing.  Each selection is critiqued under a careful eye by Picture Mart with purpose, openness, and conscious objectivity. I’m happy to share my experience with others!”  –K.D.

“Cioci’s is the perfect frame shop.  They are experienced at every level, artistic, incredible frame selection, great colorists, and – they are fast!  Perfecto.”   –R.E.

“The caring and patient staff at Cioci’s provides invaluable guidance for those of us who know little about custom framing.  The selection of frames, mats and other accoutrements is seemingly endless!  The staff suggest to you designs consisting of colors and textures that you may have never considered.  The designs are often subtle and understated so as to not overwhelm your pieces of art or photos, yet bring them to life in a whole new way.”    -T.S.

“I took a photo to Cioci’s Picture Mart for framing, giving their staff artistic license to choose what they thought would work best.  Their talented professionals made my photo look ten times better than I ever expected!  It was creatively and beautifully matted and they made an excellent choice from their extensive selection of frames, including many artisan-designed ones that are unique to any place else in St. Louis.   For those of discerning tastes, I highly recommend Picture Mart.”    -K.K.